Air BnB (Short-Term Let) Management

For decades now landlords have had two choices. Manage their own properties or pay a letting agent to do it. But now there is a new way for landlords to find tenants and manage their rental property professionally.
No Agent’s innovative technology and in-house property expertise offers landlords a simpler, flexible and low-fee way to manage everything from start to finish. No matter what kind of home or room you have to share, we at RSS make it simple and secure to earn money and reach millions of travellers looking for unique places to stay, just like yours. Over recent years this has become a very popular alternative around the world to costly hotel bookings. 

However, that’s the easy part. A lot of people own a space that they can now let as a holiday or short stay location. However, kicking back and counting the money is the easy part… Its the who actually takes care of the administration of these properties that causes the owner the most headaches?

So let us take the strain. We have a number years of short let management experience to individual clients.  Simply kick back and let RSS Properties take care of your needs.

What we Offer;

  • Full BnB website management. You give us the address and key, we do the rest by incorporating your property onto our Air BnB account
  • We find and vet the guest
  • Competitive price adjusting
  • Management of the new 90 day law. We ensure you can let 356 days of the year
  • Believe it or not, the most important one – Full turn around of each property on guest completion. We guarantee this within three hours. Including a full laundry turn around with clean towels and linen. Allowing us to except a same day booking
  • If in doubt, we meet and greet your guest with security of your property in mind. Incidents in rented properties happen all to frequent. We provide piece of mind
  • Key and security management
  • Maintenance, repairs and inspection
  • Monitoring and upkeep of all UK compliance