Commercial Cleaning

Our Facilities team at RSS are always looking for ways to expand and improve our business. We offer a wide range of cleaning services, some of which are listed below:

* Commercial Cleaning
* Carpet Cleaning
* Cleaning Products
* Consumable Products
* Deep Cleaning
* Gutter Cleaning
* Hard Floor Maintenance
* High Level Cleaning
* Kitchen cleaning
* Oven Cleaning
* Window Cleaning
* Washroom Service
* Grounds Maintenance
* Tree Surgery

Daily Office Cleaning

We can provide daily cleaning service to many local businesses. If you require something extra to stay on top of things, this approach will ensure that your office or workspace will always look clean and presentable no matter how extensively its being used as our military trained cleaning professionals can push for the best results catered around your critical timings.

Contract Cleaning

For those seeking a continually spotless and highly presentable working space. a regular service is essential. With contract cleaning, in conjunction with our clients we can arrange a time on a regular basis for our professionals to come and clean your premises, leaving it with that special touch of military gleam.

If our services interest you then please get in touch for a free no obligations quote and our customer service team will be happy to guide you through our service portfolio, assisting you to build the correct schedule to suit your needs.

So why choose RSS;

* All RSS staff are trained and managed by former British military, therefore Subject Matter Experts in all aspects of cleaning methods, including Health & Safety and COSHH as well as environmental and conservation training.

* All team members are sourced and managed locally.

* Our contract retention rate is 90% which means we have a lot of happy customers.

* RSS provide a 24/7 customer service and call out hotline ensuring that any issues are resolved or dealt with at the earliest opportunity.

Hey why not give us a try… the first visit is free and comes with an after service joint inspection by you the client and our head of facilities, himself a former Army Sergeant Major. If he leaves happy with the service, you certainly will be.