Military March Out

Military March Out Cleaners in Yeovil and surrounding Areas 

Specialist Cleaning for Military Families on the Move

If you’re moving and leaving M.O.D accommodation, we understand how important it is for you to have the property in tip-top shape so you pass the final march out inspection and inventory check. If you fail to meet the standards required, it can often result in unnecessary charges and ultimately causing a situation that is beyond your control.
Normally the most common cleaning problems that are raised at HIC march out inspection are associated with the carpets, where the tenant has attempted to clean them themselves, and key areas like the bathroom and the kitchen, in particular the oven.

Passing the March Out Inspection First Time

If you want to pass your march out inspection first time, your will be expected to return the property in its original condition when you moved in. This will include the general cleanliness and often will require that the carpets are and the oven are professionally cleaned.
As former serving military we at RSS have extensive M.O.D march out experience we know exactly how to clean and prepare a property to the standards required for handover. In fact, we are often called in when a departing family or tenant fails to meet the march out cleaning requirements specified.
So why not call us first, take the stress and hassle away and save money and avoid lengthy delays beyond your control. We offer a comprehensive march out cleaning service that includes carpet cleaning and oven cleaning and we will always give you a fixed price quote which will include all labour, materials and treatments. We will plan around your march out inspection date, so that you can look forward to moving on, confident that you will won’t have unexpected costs.
References are available both from landlords and letting agents on request. If in the extremely unlikely event that there is a problem with the cleaning standard at checkout, we guarantee to urgently remedy the problem at our expense. 

March Out Cleaning and Decorating for the M.O.D

As former military we are experts in march out, end of tenancy and pre-tenancy cleaning. We have over 20 years experience and offer a comprehensive property preparation service including touch or full painting of internal walls.
Whether you require a full clean or just partial aspects, like carpet cleaning, we will give you a free comprehensive quote, and this will include all labour, materials and treatments. We offer short lead times and a weekend call-out service at no extra cost.

March Out Cleaning Check List
30 Years experience
We know the expectations of M.O.D and inventory checks.
Specialist carpet and oven cleaning
Free no obligation quotes, include all labour, materials and treatments.
There are no hidden charges.
Short lead times, and weekend call out service at no extra cost.
We guarantee our work, and if the extremely unlikely event there is a problem, we will fix it urgently at our expense.
We are fully insured.

March Out Cleaning Prices

March Out Property
1st price excluding carpets from;
2nd price including carpets from;
Studio – £90 – £120
One Bedroom House or flat – £110 – £140
Two Bedrooms – £140 – £180
Three Bedrooms – £170 – £230
4 or more Bedrooms – £195 – £275

*Please note:
The fixed march out prices quoted include all labour, materials and treatments. There are no hidden charges.
These fees are inclusive of one bathroom. If you have an en-suite or additional bathrooms, please add £20 per additional bathroom to the price.
Our fee also includes cleaning one oven in a reasonable condition. If your oven is exceptionally dirty and has not been cleaned periodically, we reserve the right to add an additional ‘extreme oven clean’ charge of £25.
The majority of ovens we clean take 1 or 2 treatments, but in rare cases if the oven requires more than 2 treatments to clean, we may need to add this to your bill. Wherever possible, we will inform you in advance if we believe this to be the case.

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