About Our Security Team

Rifles Security Solutions Ltd and their former British Military management and operators are now utilising security protection experience gained in service around the world including Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, the Middle East, the Balkans, and various former eastern block countries suck as Kazakhstan and the Ukraine to name but a few, and currently operational UK wide as well as ready and capable to deploy world wide at short notice.

We offer a complete range of security services, managed and manned by our team of professional, former British Military SIA licensed and/or T1 trained operators. Offering a range of specialist security services including close protection, covert and/or overt surveillance, protective surveillance and travel security, static and mobile guards, plus key holding and alarm response.

As well as looking after our clients personal interests, RSS are also experienced in providing security and surveillance services to a range of industries including the corporate sector, developers, construction sites, retail establishments, industrial warehouses and one off events, as well as the provision of military standard specialisation in rural protective surveillance and Penetration (Pen) testing.

Whether you need temporary one day protection or a long term solution, contact us today to discuss your requirements. Why settle for anything other than former members of HM armed forces protecting you, your family and your assets.