Affiliated Charities

With our links in mind to both Somerset and London we at Rifles Security and Property Solutions Ltd are proud to be associated with your local army unit The Rifles along with their founder regiments, such as The Royal Green Jackets and especially with the charity Just Rifles, with many of our former serving Riflemen donating a percentage of their wage earned on RSS jobs, to this fine charity. We are also proud to boast many of our security operators are former or in some cases currently serving members of The Rifles. This year we have an aim to help get PTSD suffering soldiers back into employment, especially with RSS and our contracts in guarding vacant properties as part of accomodating them, which has been a major success especially with the mind set installed by RSS that they are again part of a (former) military team.

Just Rifles began with solicitor Bryan Fugler reserving two seats in the box at Spurs for every home game, specifically for Riflemen and women. He did this in memory of family friend Lance Corporal Thomas Keogh who was shot and killed in action in Sangin, Afghanistan. Amongst those who joined Bryan, a conversation about the everyday needs of ex-soldiers began. Bryan wanted to do more to help, and the seed of the Just Rifles idea was born.

We’re proud to say that Just Rifles has become established as the military charity with the personal touch. Many injured servicemen and women or     bereaved families find that there are things they need. From household items to bespoke sporting equipment, Just Rifles is here to plug the gaps in one-off, everyday funding that ex-soldiers need.

If wishing to know more, sponsor or buy a table at the yearly fundraiser, get involved or simply donate then please visit the Just Rifles website below;