Security Services

Please contact us with any security issues or concerns and a member of the team will be appointed as your personal liaison officer. From there he will mould a security package aimed at what ever requirements you the client may have. 

We like to think and have a proven track record, as well as the usual security services we can provide, that we are the market leaders in securing vacant properties, with an average of 50 sites in London alone under the protection of RSS Ltd at any one time. Every property owner, developer, agent etc knows the risk that the illegal occupier brings. It’s no secret that if certain people get in a property or onto your land the clean up bill resulting from this or the repair of damage caused by these intruders, is on average £30000, with fly tipping the greatest menace. With the help of our operators, and their doctrine of being ‘proactive not reactive’ (its too late by then) we can mitigate these threats.


Our cost effective method (which always out does the price of a 24/7 hourly rate guard by a big margin), also helps ex forces in need, which as stated elsewhere is the main reason RSS was started, is to place a ‘caretaker’ into the property which then becomes his residence for the length of his stay. Here he is be supplied with all his necessary requirement from a Microwave and Fridge, to his own bed, to a TV and even a play station if he/she so desires. They will then live there as their dwelling for 24/7 which means the property becomes more of a residential than a commercial (a big legal difference when it comes to an intruder). By living there and as a former serviceman, we can guarantee your property is in the safest hand there is out there.

And another reason to have RSS Ltd as your security provider….. After the last budget, the current government are now offering tax reductions for companies hiring ex British military.

But what else?………

We as Ex Military are Specialists in Rural Protection

RSS operators can utilise their military skills by going overt or undetected in a covert protective role, in the protection of your land and assets in both an urban and rural environment. Allow us to take away the worry and stress of guarding what is important to you. Using new and existing technology combined with our operational security teams, we are capable of protecting any piece of land no matter how remote, in any weather, day and night.

Going away, worried about leaving your property unoccupied? We can help. Our specialist team of unobtrusive Residential Security Teams will provide the full protection of you abode or land. From a designated security room to the more popular 24hr manned car on the drive. Our RST’s will guarantee you a greater peace of mind.

Covert Remote Rural Motion Cameras: Don’t want obtrusive security, why not consider our RRMC’s. What is motion viewing;

Essentially RSS can place our RRMC’s on any piece of land, construction site or farm without access to power or an internet connection. This system can be linked to our 24hr operations room or direct to our mutually supporting security operators, offering an effective rapid response to any unwanted activity. These RRMC’s identify movement and capture video footage and still images, which are sent immediately to the receiving operator who will assess and implement the appropriate response.

Reasons why you should never be without farm or rural location security;

1. Police are warning that both petty thieves and criminal gangs are now see rural locations as ‘soft targets’.

2. An estimated 2000 farm vehicles including tractors and harvesters are stolen from UK farms each year.

3. The NFU estimates that over 60,000 sheep are annually stolen in the UK for both blood lines and the rising illegal meat trade. Yes! Rustling is alive and thriving in the UK. 

4. Metals such as old machinery, gates and grids are increasingly being targeted by scrap metal thieves. As well as the loss, this can result in valuable livestock becoming vulnerable on roads and tracks.

5. Theft of fuel from storage tanks and unattended farm vehicles is at an all time high due to the rising cost of oil.

6. Insurance premiums can rocket once a claim against theft is made. They can be greatly reduced with the provision of a security provider.

7. The increasing menace of fly tipping is costing land owners thousands each year. Allow RSS to catch these people in the act.