Specialist (T1) Operations


Covert Surveillance

RSS Tier 1 Operations provide sophisticated surveillance teams, employing highly trained and experienced operators, using the latest imagery and covert communications equipment, in order to achieve our objectives. Our operators have all completed intensive training courses, not available commercially, that are benchmarked against the tradecraft and intelligence gathering methods employed by the Intelligence Services.

During operations we employ a standard operating procedure for all operators, and our ethos is to gain detailed intelligence on the subject of surveillance in order to give a maximum return for our clients’ financial outlay. Our high level of training and experience allows us to employ these methods whilst retaining a covert posture. Our operators are males and females from diverse age and ethnic groups (many with language skills) that allow us to operate in environments that other surveillance teams/operators may not be able to blend into effectively. We have varied surveillance platforms and technical equipment at our disposal in order to achieve our aims in a fast changing and complex environment; all operations are controlled covert communications and are commanded by an experienced Team Leader.

All Operations are conducted within the guidelines of RIPA 2000 and the HRA. 

Counter Surveillance & Protective Surveillance

Do you think you may have been placed under surveillance by a team or an individual?

Is a corporate competitor attempting to gain information about your business activities?

You may want to protect an asset or person, with or without their knowledge, or maybe you think you may be under threat?

Counter-Surveillance and Protective Surveillance is a specialised field that involves our teams, identifying the people that may be watching, or posing a threat to a person or asset. RSS Tier 1 Ops deploys highly specialised covert teams in order to identify whether a client or asset has been placed under surveillance. Our Operators are specially trained in methods that will lead a surveillance, reconnaissance team, or criminal element to compromise themselves to us without their knowledge.

80% of our Operators are multi-skilled and hold SIA Close Protection Officer licenses. This unique skill set allows us to produce a complete protective solution for your personal security requirements.

Corporate Intelligence

Our highly experienced Operators can deal with corporate requests. All enquiries should be made via the contact page.

Penetration Testing

Our teams have a proven track record of conducting highly professional and cost-effective penetration testing for among others, the financial industry, media industry, and sports venues. Every operation is enhanced with extensive reporting and recommendations. A de-briefing for management is also supplied at the Clients request.

 Due Diligence & Person Tracing

Our forensic accountant and tracing investigators have a well-established worldwide network of contacts and associated databases. With even the minimum of information, our investigators are confident of producing positive outcomes.

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

TSCM is often referred to by a number of different names such as:

  • Sweeping
  • Bug hunting
  • Technical survey
  • Electronic countermeasures

Whatever the name, they all have one aim, i.e. to counteract the deployment of illegally placed eavesdropping equipment.  This is achieved by the deployment of highly experienced, motivated teams who possess both the knowledge and the equipment to find and nullify such devices.

A TSCM survey involves a detailed inspection of various aspects of the area under suspicion. The search process is twofold in that a thorough physical examination is conducted in conjunction with a comprehensive ‘sweep’ of the radio frequency spectrum.

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